Picture Gallery - Upshaw & Allied Families

Once a few more pictures are added, I plan to categorize the pictures by branch of the family tree for easier reference.

  1. Jan Tucker Baldenweck's Upshaw Family Album web page (Andrew Jackson Upshaw)
  2. Jeremiah Upshaw (b. 1867) and Ellen Actkinson (156K)
  3. Bill Marler, Rosa Lee and Jeremiah (Jr.) Upshaw (112K)
  4. Eva and Rosa Lee Upshaw, daughters of Jeremiah 1867 (72K)
  5. Hose, girls and May (nee) Upshaw (daughter of Jeremiah 1867) (76K)
  6. NEW: May and Eva Upshaw (daughters of Jeremiah 1867) (80K)
  7. Burt Upshaw (son of Jeremiah 1867) (36K)
  8. Ernest William "Bud" Markham (James Monroe Markham family) (44K)
  9. Amanda Upshaw Durney (47K)
  10. Amanda's daughter, Mary Durney (41K)
  11. Family of Andrew Jackson and Lydia Rice Upshaw, ca 1895 (66K)
  12. Henry Clay Upshaw & Josephine Francis Bartow Hudson - Wedding Photo (33K)
  13. Eli Davis and wife Mary Elizabeth Upshaw Davis (22K)
  14. Andrew (1858) Upshaw and wife Mary Catherine Hungate (32K)
  15. Cecil Upshaw baseball card (30K)
  16. Willie Upshaw baseball card (136K)

(More pictures will be added as time permits and as they become available)

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